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Mathematica serves as the backbone for Wolfram|Alpha, the computational knowledge engine that aims to bring expert-level knowledge and capabilities to the broadest possible range of people, spanning all professions and education levels.

Under Stephen Wolfram's leadership, with Wolfram|Alpha we are pursuing a long-term vision to develop the science, technology, and tools to make computation an ever-more-potent force in today's and tomorrow's world—and to leverage our innovations in computational science in order to democratize data, making data from every conceivable domain of knowledge more accessible.

For additional information, please visit Wolfram|Alpha.

Mellanox Technologies

Mellanox Technologies is a leading supplier of end-to-end connectivity solutions for servers and storage that optimize data center performance.

Mellanox products deliver market-leading bandwidth, performance, scalability, power conservation, and cost-effectiveness while converging multiple legacy network technologies into one future-proof solution. For the best in performance and scalability, Mellanox is the choice for Fortune 500 data centers and the world's most powerful supercomputers.

Founded in 1999, Mellanox Technologies is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California and Yokneam, Israel.

For additional information, please visit the Mellanox Technologies website.

Promethean—Lighting the Flame of Learning

Promethean is a world leader in the rapidly growing global market for interactive learning technologies. Its ActivClassroom suite of products change the way students learn and the rapidly growing Promethean Planet is the world's largest online community for users of interactive display technology. Headquartered in the U.K. and listed on the main market of the LSE as Promethean World Plc, its products are distributed through a network of partners in some 100 countries.

For additional information, please visit the Promethean website.

Wolfram Research

Wolfram Research is the world's leading developer of technical computing software, offering organisation-wide solutions for the high-performance computing community. Led by Mathematica, its flagship product, the company's software is relied on today by several million enthusiastic users around the world. With gridMathematica, that award-winning technology is now available in an optimized parallel environment for modern multiprocessor machines, clusters, grids, and supercomputers.

A privately held company, Wolfram Research was founded in 1987 by Stephen Wolfram and is headquartered in the United States, with offices in England, Europe, and Japan.

Additional information about Wolfram Research and its products is available on the website.

River Valley Technologies

River Valley Technologies is in the business of typesetting mathematical journals and books. Their main office is in Kerala, India. In addition they provide a service of recording academic conferences for free viewing under a Creative Commons license.